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Turnip Time, Again

Our weekly CSA portions have started filling up the fridge with farm abundance again.  And once again we cast around looking for something, anything, to do with several (many) bunches of turnips.  These are the sweet, water-filled little Hakurai turnips that are lovely just eaten out of hand.  But how many raw turnips can one person eat?  […]


Love Words

As I was getting ready to start the Great Sauerruben Project I heard my lovely sleeping son say, in his sleep, “I think this is it, mama.  Can you hold this for me, mama?”  My heart just melted a little and I am energized to deal with turnips!



I am so excited, I am about to make  my first, semi-experimental, batch of sauerruben.  It is basically sauerkraut made with turnips instead of, well, kraut (cabbage.)  I have my beautiful, clean, sweet hakurai turnips from the CSA waiting on the counter along with a bunch of gorgeous radishes, also from the CSA.  I have […]