Ok, so I generally think my dreams (which tend to be quite vivid, sometimes mundane, and often extremely weird – usually laced with whatever stressors are currently in my life – sometimes repeating over and over for years) are just my mind working out problems and creating amusements.  But every once in a while a gem comes out of a dream:  an idea, a recipe, a problem solved.  Not long ago I had a dream in which this following expression was repeated several times, in several dreams within dreams.

Before the beans are even ground you can taste the final bitter sip of the coffee, and yet we make it anyway.

I love that.  It is so true – even if you can see the end you take the enjoyment where it is.  So here’s to dreaming in words and truths.

Elusive Morpheus or Why I Love Sleep

I have never had an easy relationship with sleep.  Even when I was young, in high school, I had trouble falling asleep and later in life it translated into trouble staying asleep.  And now that I am chronically sleep-deprived (a combination of having small children who are up early and sometimes in the middle of the night and of habitually staying up too late) I almost always fall asleep easily.  The waking up in the night is another matter – the slightest sound from one of my children and I am wide awake but I can sleep through Jim getting in and out of bed, having a reading light on, or even writing on the computer.  And my constant, deep, life-long abiding love for sleep has only deepened.  Lying down in the bed after a long day is delicious and sleeping past 5:30am makes me profoundly happy.  And like a part-time lover blessed sleep is mine only for a limited time each week so I like to make the most of it.  I usually have vivid, often strange dreams.  Sometimes I dream about food and lately about my hair (anyone want to interpret that?)  Here is a meal that came to me in that hazy state just between sleeping and awake.

  • amuse bouche of tiny savory mustard dill shortbread with dot of creme fraiche and sliver of citrus gravlax
  • liquid gold soup of rich browned onion broth with tiny perfect butter dumplings
  • salad of baby greens with snipped herbs, spiced toasted walnuts, crispy browned goat cheese quenelles, shaved red onion, perfectly ripe grape tomatoes, simple vinaigrette
  • halibut cooked in white wine with capers, olives, grape tomatoes, garlic on a bed of wilted spinach
  • standing rib roast with a dry crust of rosemary, garlic, black pepper, kosher salt – cooked medium rare
  • crisp and brown on the outside, mealy and soft on the inside roasted baby potatoes
  • tender crisp fresh haricots verts served simply with brown butter and lemon zest
  • cheese plate with something goaty, something creamy, and something sharp served with
  • fresh figs, ripe strawberries, thin slices of fresh ripe pineapple, raw almonds
  • individual tarts filled with rhubarb curd and topped with whipped cream
  • tiny cups of strong mint tea or very dark coffee

There are some issues of kashrut with this meal but it does sound nice, doesn’t it?  Anyone else have fantasy/dream meals?