Using my (very small) bully pulpit

The other day I was Whole Foods to get a baguette. Upon checking out I was offered the chance to round up to the nearest dollar with the money going to Community Food Share (, the local food bank. I strongly support this organization and especially feel that now more than ever it is important, given the cut to SNAP benefits, to support it financially. Donations of money go further than food donations – they allow the food bank to get large shipments of produce and food for just the cost of freight, etc. Back to Whole Foods. I asked if all the money collected goes to the food bank. The answer was, Yes, we use the donations to buy our own products that we then donate. I just called the store and confirmed this. When you round up your check to make a donation to the food bank Whole Foods uses the money you have donated to buy its own 365 brand products that they then donate to the food bank. While this is neither illegal nor unethical it does leave me with a very bad taste in my mouth. Skip the (financially benefiting) middleman and go straight to the source to make a donation. And please do – your $1 donation buys much more than $1 worth of grocery food.

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