October is Soup Month

October is Soup Month at Sweet Pea Cuisine!
*Order any 3 quarts and get your choice of a dozen homemade apple cider doughnut holes or a dozen spinach matzah balls*
Place your order by calling 720-273-4014 or email soup@sweetpeacuisine.com

foggy day split pea
a thick soup with split peas, barley, vegetables, and just a touch of curry $9/quart

pumpkin peanut soup
a warming, beautiful soup with browned onions, pumpkin puree, and an underlying rich peanut flavor $8/quart

three lentil soup
red, green, and black lentils cooked together in tomato broth to form a thick, rich, textured lentil soup $9.50/quart

vegetarian chili
peppers, onions, beans, ground “beef”, tomatoes, chili powder – lots of flavor in this hearty meal-in-a-bowl soup $11/quart

beet borscht
beets, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and more vegetables in a tangy pink broth. with your choice of barley or brown rice $8.50/quart

Italian spinach egg drop
egg drop with spinach, garlic, lemon, and tiny star pasta $9/quart

spicy black bean
black beans cooked with chiles then half-pureed for an especially thick and hearty soup $8/quart

12-a-day vegetable soup
an amazing soup with more than a dozen vegetables and herbs along with brown rice $9/quart

mini matzah balls plain or spinach $4/dozen
butter dumplings just as they sound $3/dozen

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