On Saying Little and Thinking Much

Just lately I have been thinking about how I have a lot to say.  Or at least I think I have a lot to say, which is a different animal all together.  But where to say it?  Then I remembered – I have a blog.  I’ll say it there.  Of course when I sit down to write something interesting or at least some part of what I’ve been thinking lately my mind goes blank and all I can think about is lunch.  So, unsurprisingly, I will say something about food.  I just learned that the research is showing that the best way diet can affect blood cholesterol levels is as follows:  1) take out saturated fats (think animal fats), 2) replace them with monounsaturated fats (think nuts, seeds, fish), and 3) limit sugar.  There are other important things – eat lots of fiber, get good sleep, exercise regularly, take a multi-vitamin.  But the removal of one fat and replacement with the other has been found to be pretty significant.  So I’ve been trying to eat less sugar, less cheese, and more seeds, nuts, and fish.  It isn’t hard – a handful of sunflower seeds in our dinner coleslaw, a little extra salmon in the lovely smoked salmon pie, peanut butter on toast for breakfast.  Lunch time – fish pie anyone?

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