On Turning 40

My birthday was last Tuesday; I am 40.  So far, it’s been a great decade – all 6 days of it.  Birthday dinners, big blow-out party (with nacho bar!), cake, candles, pinata, presents, new hair cut, lots of nice cheeses – what more could a birthday girl want?  This time I am not being sarcastic or rhetorical, there is really very little more that I want.  I started with three main goals for my 41st year:  finish the novel I started for NaNoWrMo last November, get a flattering hair cut, and go camping with the family at the Sand Dunes.  Haircut done, that leaves 360 days for the rest.  But for today, a beautiful sunny day, I’ve got the company of two small children who are growling and pretending to be polar bears.  How could I feel anything but happy to be 40?

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