I am so excited, I am about to make  my first, semi-experimental, batch of sauerruben.  It is basically sauerkraut made with turnips instead of, well, kraut (cabbage.)  I have my beautiful, clean, sweet hakurai turnips from the CSA waiting on the counter along with a bunch of gorgeous radishes, also from the CSA.  I have my pickling salt (which is reallly just very fine, very pure salt – nothing fancy) and cheesecloth ready.  Now a quick jaunt out to the garage to find my crock (in this case a large glass jar with a heavy lid.  I will wrap it in a towel when I put it in the cool, dark place so it stays darker.  If this experiment works then I may actually invest in a real crock.)  Grating commences in 15 minutes.  Eating of sauerruben in 2-4 weeks.  I will take pictures as the ruben ferments.  Oooooh, what fun!

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