Summer, Poetry, and Food

Rafi's pride - his homemade pretzel

Tonight’s Food Book Group met and read food related poetry and ate delicious food.  A couple Nerudas, a Soto, a child’s poem book about Italian food, an original Hersh (thank you Orly), Persian rice and red lentils, caponata, crunchy mustard fish, homemade pretzels (made by the kids’ own hands!), brie stuffed apricots, popcorn, watermelon.  All in all a lovely evening followed by a now cooler and languid night.  Kids are sleeping, we are looking at houses for sale and fantasizing about where to put the china cabinet and will the bed fit there.  Maybe by next summer we will be closer to the dream house.  If not, we will still be eating delicious food, reading poetry and food books, and enjoying weather hot enough to droop the tomato plants and dry enough to crack the earth and sunny enough to bleach the floorboards through the windows.  And loving it.  Right?  Of course right.

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