Sweet Pea Rugulach

$4 per dozen

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Special Flavors


Celebrate the famous Girl Scout cookies: coconut, chocolate, caramely goodness

Cranberry Orange

Think fresh cranberry relish but in rugulach form


Creamy, rich coffee flavor with the added depth of demarara sugar

Tomato Basil

Savory, flavorful, vaguely peppery, and almost summery

Standard Flavors



Cream cheese and butter dough rolled with cinnamon sugar

Pecan Praline

Cream cheese, butter, and chopped pecan dough rolled with brown sugar

Raspberry Chocolate

Cream cheese, butter, and raspberry powder dough rolled with mini chocolate chips


Herb Cheese

Herb cheese and butter dough rolled with shredded parmesan/romano cheese blend


Herb cheese, butter, basil, and garlic dough rolled with parmesan/romano cheese blend

Chile Cheddar

Cream cheese, butter, and red chile dough rolled with cheddar cheese

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