Sweet Pea Rugulach

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Perfectly hand-rolled, bite-sized, elegant, utterly delicious cookies made using only natural ingredients.  All packaging is biodegradable/compostable. 
Each pound contains 50-70 pieces, depending on flavor.  
Choose one kind per pound or mix and match.  
Small bags of 6 pieces for $3 or small boxes of 12 pieces for $6 available.  
Rugulach $18/lb, $80/5 lbs.  Shipping and handling extra.

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All flavors available vegan or gluten-free, $20/lb; both vegan & gluten-free, $22/lb

  • Traditional (cream cheese and butter dough rolled with cinnamon sugar)
  • Pecan Praline (cream cheese, butter, and chopped pecan dough rolled with brown sugar)
  • Raspberry Chocolate (cream cheese, butter, and raspberry powder dough rolled with mini chocolate chips)
  • Herb Cheese (herb cheese and butter dough rolled with shredded parmesan/romano cheese blend)
  • Pesto (herb cheese, butter, basil, and garlic dough rolled with parmesan/romano cheese blend)
  • Chile Cheddar (herb, butter, and red chile dough rolled with cheddar cheese)

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