Lunch Delivery on Cherryvale

It may be warm and balmy today but Friday expect cooler temperatures and rain.
And a lovely hearty meal from Sweet Pea Cuisine!

Order by Wednesday, delivery Friday morning.
Cash, check, and credit cards accepted.
Prices include tax and delivery.

Menu for Friday November 17

$7 gets you a bowl of hearty, delicious, Italian chickpea stew (think garlic, tomato, peppers, greens, chickpeas, onions) and your choice of egg noodles or rice.  (Vegan, can be gluten-free)


$7 gets you this chef’s salad – greens, cucumber, tomato, pumpkin seeds, cheese, turkey, hard-boiled egg with your choice of miso vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, or smokey bleu cheese dressing.  (Gluten-free, can be vegan – sub tofu for turkey, carrots for cheese.)

Add a drink (San Pellegrino limonata, IZZE, La Croix, Kern’s fruit nectar, V-8) for $1 each.

Craving something you don’t see here?  Let me know.

Special diets accommodated.  

For more information
call 720-273-4014